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U.S. museums, working openly to resolve the status of objects in their custody.


Other Resources

A number of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions and museums offer online resources to assist people seeking lost art, and people researching Nazi-era provenance issues.


Holocaust Claims Processing Office, New York State Banking Department
The Holocaust Claims Processing Office of the New York State Banking Department helps individuals of all backgrounds obtain just resolution for the theft of property during the Holocaust. The Holocaust Claims Processing Office charges no fee to file claims, nor is its service contingent upon a percentage of claimants' restitution awards.


National Archives and Records Administration, Holocaust-era Assets
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)'s Holocaust-era assets website includes finding aids to key record groups, online access to selected records, information on ordering records on microfilm or reading records in person at NARA's College Park, MD facility.

Getty Research Institute, Provenance Index Databases
The Provenance Index Databases contain indexed transcriptions of archival documents, sale catalogs, and museum provenance files from all over the world that serve as primary source material for establishing history of ownership.

ICOM Spoliation of Jewish Cultural Property Web page
The UNESCO-International Council of Museums (ICOM) Information Centre put together a file of resources including links to national and international directives for museums concerning the identification and return of looted or stolen Jewish property, and national and international databases of objects which were looted or have disappeared.

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Holocaust Memorial Museum provides researchers with information about the collections, scholarly presentations, publications and information about the Holocaust, genocide and antisemitism..

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